Federico Pozuelo (Madrid 1992) develops his artistic practice in the community of Carrara (Italy).    His approach to art emerged from the investigation of materials with a historical background and unfolded with an awareness of the technological influence on the process. The deepening of this curiosity effected a shift from his physically-based production to other experimental fields. Now, he explores how the new languages of augmented reality and the determinants of marble production relate to the way we perceive objects and situations.    In this sense, the immediate context (the Apuan Alps region) is the departure point for his work. Here, he has established a long-term association with Javier Ruiz (artist and anthropologist) and from the interplay of their activities both artistic and investigation projects have followed. Their collaboration seeks to trace correlations between the exploitation of a natural resource, the hidden culture of the region, the audiovisual exploitation of the quarries, and the effects on the ecosystem and local population.