Shortlisted for ‘Fractal Horses’ by Claudia Maté.


In June 2010, a football match was broadcasted live for the first time in North Korea (DPRK). In consequence, the iconic image of Cristiano Ronaldo was aired on the (limited) national television. Under the frame of chaos theory, this event cannot be understood as fruit of mechanistic determinism. The unfolding of social systems in terms of such complexity demands a different approach—even marketing enterprises have acknowledged this with their stochastic modelling! But there is a problem: although these episodes must be conceived in ontological terms of contingency we cannot help but look for patterns.

We might see the footballer as the paradigm of success. He, as the Romantic poet or the monk in the Middle-Ages, epitomises life. And he is, paradoxically, unable to ‘live life.’. The life of the ‘image-of-success’ seems recurrently subject to machine-like routine. The web www.dprk7official.cf builds on the North Korean sports page design, and integrates audiovisual pieces of rhizomatic character. This site works as a channeling of the chaotic—yet perceived as patterned — images of transcendental masculinity that CR7 embodies.