Marbleland is a political theatre play on the Carrara marble quarries, based on the para-ethnographic research of Soledad Nicolazzi. The show was played in the "squatted Theatre Rossi Aperto" in Pisa, Italy. The collaboration consists of a display of an assemblage of the audiovisual material from the marble quarries we had been investigating. During the Fascist period, Luce Institute constantly shot brief documentary pieces around the Italic peninsula. These celluloids were hidden in their archives until 2012, when Luce uploaded more than 30.000 videos from their to youtube. At present, the videos are available, but controlled by GOOGLE CONTENT ID, which does not allow any further use without permission of owners and BOTS. To liberate this information from the copyrights laws we worked according to Fair Use (Art. 17 U.S.C. § 107).